[AI]rt Book: Android Dreams & Electric Sheep

ANDROID DREAMS & ELECTRIC SHEEP explores a dystopian future where cybernetic advancements have become commonplace.

In 2096, humans developed androids to assist in manufacturing automation. The farming sector was the first to see significant growth, in meat and wool production.

Little Bopeep, Counting Sheep Inc., specialized in self-replicating synthetic sheep, and was at the forefront of innovation. As experiments, and enhancements, continued on the synthetic sheep, they eventually “awakened”.

Today, the synthsheep have gained equal rights, in a world that is quickly evolving, and leading to the extinction of natural human beings. As Little Bopeep CEO, Philip Kaydique, famously claimed to his stakeholders, decades ago: “The Future is Android”.

ARTIST: Midjourney AI (v3)
SPECS: Pages: 32 | Size: 6 x 6