Breachspace Books & Magazines

If you want to delve deeper into the BREACHSPACE Setting-the world that the RAVEN NEVERMORE series exists in–these two collections bring together content created between 2009 and 2012.

The BREACHSPACE Setting is a world filled with fear, dread and unsettling realities. It is a world brought into existence because of a reality-shaping anomaly triggered by the opening of The Hellmouth, an event called the Great Cataclysm.

BREACHSPACE: FIGMENTS collects 30 flash fiction shorts, 3 (really) short shorts, and 18 sequential one-shots. All the tales take place in the BREACHSPACE Setting, and span across the different countries of the fictional world.

Writer/Letters/Cover: Nuno XEI
Artist: Emmanuel Xerx Javier

Comic Strips Written/Released in Print in 2009-2012 (“Blueprint Magazine”, Waterloo, ON), Flash Fiction and Short Fiction Written in 2011-2012, © XEI

BREACHSPACE CHRONICLES: Volume One is a short story anthology made up of six stories, written by six authors. These short stories take place in the different countries in the BREACHSPACE Setting. Volume 1 is primarily set on the continent of Uropia. These shorts aren’t considered “canon” material for the setting.

– “The Secret of Konrad Drexlar” by Kevin Lumley
– “Tainted Love” by E.J. Tett
– “Blood and Freedom” by Joleen Kuyper
– “Sparks and Embers” by Tim James
– “Markus, The Waking Man” by John Brady
– “The Price of a Soldier’s Soul” by Kirsten Cross

Written 2009-2011, Published Online in 2012, © XEI