The Reaper Ashcan Comic

THE REAPER one-shot-shot ashcan comic, is set after the events of RAVEN NEVERMORE Vol 3.

It features a new character, Rousseau, as he assimilates to his new life in Blackrock Prison. Convicted for murders he claims he never committed, Rousseau gets a visit from a raven with a message, and a new dark path revealed before him.

SOURCE INSPIRATION: This short story started as a creative exercise, after completing the original 9 issues of RAVEN NEVERMORE, back in 2015. I had read a public domain short story, by Charles V. De Vet, titled “There Is A Reaper …”, and published in Imagination Stories of Science and Fantasy (August 1953). It inspired the idea for what became REAPER.

CREATIVE CATALYST: The illustration, that ran alongside this short story, by W. E. Terry, was the ultimate catalyst, and a new character/concept was born and added to the ongoing narrative around RAVEN NEVERMORE.

THE ASHCAN: It is a promotional offer copy. It may be printed in a smaller format than a standard comic book floppy (I will increase the size depending on interest). Since I never intended to produce this comic, as a full single issue, or part of a series, I still wanted to be able to put it out there for those interested in collecting other BREACHSPACE / RAVEN NEVERMORE content, as a Kickstarter exclusive offering.